Quinn Adams will pay $1000 after slashing tyres for revenge.
Quinn Adams will pay $1000 after slashing tyres for revenge. Peter Carruthers

'I did it as punishment': Man slashes tyres in retaliation

A "BIT of bad blood” between two men has been blamed for a man slashing the tyres on a car.

Quinn Andrew Adams, 37, of Cannon Valley, planned to avenge a friend when he went for a walk on Mango Dr in Cannonvale, on August 6.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told Proserpine Magistrates Court the victim's car was parked on the road in front of his house when Adams slashed two of the vehicle's tyres.

Solicitor Peta Vernon said there had been a history of animosity between Adams and the car owner.

Adams pleaded guilty to wilful damage, telling the court he slashed the tyres in retaliation. He claimed the victim had slashed the tyres of a friend's car.

"He'd slashed my friend's tyres, who's left the area, and he called me about it so I did it as punishment I suppose,” Adams said.

Magistrate James Morton told Adams that regardless of his reason, it was unacceptable for him "to take the law into his own hands”.

Adams was fined $450 and ordered to pay $550 in restitution.