Trudie Maree Schloss.
Trudie Maree Schloss.

‘I feel sorry for your child’: Bowen mum takes cheap perfume

A BOWEN woman swiped two bottles of perfume from a pharmacy but CCTV caught her in the act.

Magistrate James Morton told Trudie Maree Schloss he felt sorry for her child after she pleaded guilty to two counts of unauthorised dealing with shop goods.

Schloss was seen on cameras walking up to a table outside Bowen LiveLife Pharmacy at Centrepoint Plaza in August.


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Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told Bowen Magistrates Court this week Schloss picked up a Nautica Voyage and pretended to sniff it, before putting it under her bag and walking away.

A few minutes later Schloss returned to the table and picked up another David Beckham fragrance, then placed it under her arm before walking away.

Lawyer Peta Vernon told the court Schloss' crime was opportunistic as she made a spur of the moment choice to take the perfume.

Ms Vernon said the 30-year-old mother of one had lived in Bowen most of her life and while she had a concerning history, fines were appropriate punishment for her offences.

Mr Morton told Schloss she was still "skirting around doing the usual stuff", questioning why she was sniffing "cheap perfume".

He noted she had fronted court in March last year for urinating in a Collinsville supermarket.

"I feel sorry for your child, I really do," he said.

Schloss was fined $600 and ordered to pay $35.59 for the perfume.