Melissa Tiria Ruru convicted for occupying a residence illegally.
Melissa Tiria Ruru convicted for occupying a residence illegally.

Ice addict ‘Goldilocks’ busted in woman’s home

A HOMEOWNER was "visibly shaken" after returning from a holiday to find two Ice addicts playing "Goldilocks" at her residence.

A shocked Macleay Island resident called police on April 12 at 12.45pm after a man and a woman fled her property upon being disturbed after the resident's return from a two-week holiday.

Appearing at the Cleveland Magistrates Court on Tuesday Melissa Tiria Ruru, 47, pleaded guilty to being found without lawful excuse in a house.

The court heard Coochiemudlo Island woman Ruru had been on a good behaviour bond for a public nuisance offence when she stayed at the residence with a friend while using methamphetamine.

"Police entered the residence with the victim and observed dirty dishes in the sink, the house was in a disarray and appeared to have been lived in while she was away," Police prosecutor Emily Ollenburg said.

Ruru, a mother of seven, was later arrested on Coochiemudlo Island and was at first "uncommunicative" with police before saying she had merely visited a friend at the Macleay Island residence.

Defence solicitor Stephanie Tsimos said her client had been using methamphetamine at the time and had entered the property with little thought.

"She accepts that she should have made inquiries and that she was naive to stay there," Ms Tsimos said.

The solicitor said Ruru, who ordinarily works as a subcontractor for Jacobs Well Egg Farm before COVID-19 hit, had succumbed to a drug addiction after two of her adult children died in 2015 and 2016.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta implored Ruru to seek wise company so as to avoid finding herself in a "Goldilocks" situation.

"Don't be too trusting and look after yourself," Magistrate Vasta said.

"Drugs don't solve problems; they make them worse and create new ones."

Ruru was convicted and sentenced to 12 months' probation.


Originally published as Ice addict 'Goldilocks' busted in woman's home