A 60-year-old Balnagowan man has been jailed for four years for trafficking ice and cannabis.
A 60-year-old Balnagowan man has been jailed for four years for trafficking ice and cannabis. Staff. Sgt. Jamal D. Sutter/USAF

Ice dealer, 60, jailed as drug addiction spiralled

A 60-YEAR-OLD drug peddler sent veiled threats to debtors in a bid to keep his trafficking venture ticking over.

Colin David Addis spiralled into drug addiction after the tragic death of his brother in 2011 eventually pushing ice and marijuana to support his own raging morphine habit.

Aged 59 and 60, the Balnagowan man was a street level dealer with 10 customers to whom he sold for cash or on credit.

Mackay District Court heard text messages revealed a short but steady nine-week trafficking stint with 17 supplies or offers.

"People continue to peddle drugs and they'll continue to be caught and sentenced,” Judge Graeme Crow said.

"You were given many, many chances that you didn't take.”

Police put a stop to his amateur operation in early last year. Crown prosecutor Clatyon Wallis said officers had been focusing on another target, who was one of Addis' suppliers.

Police then searched Addis' home on January 18 last year seizing 3.29 grams of ice, 79 grams of marijuana and a phone full of drug-related messages.

Some texts alluded to a difficulty in some customers paying their debts.

Judge Crow said one message read "the big fella” was coming to town and Addis needed the money to pay him "which of course is a veiled threat”.

Addis pleaded guilty to charges including trafficking and aggravated drug possession.

Defence barrister Bronwyn Hartigan said Addis had made admissions to police including that he had stored a large quantity of drugs on behalf of a supplier.

"It is very hard for a long-term drug user to recognise they have a problem or seek help,” Ms Hartigan said.

Addis was taking part in an opiates rehabilitation programs.

He was jailed for four years with parole eligibility after 14 months.