GOOD SAMARITAN: Truckie Steve Ryder was concerned about a woman he saw slumped in a car on the side of the road.
GOOD SAMARITAN: Truckie Steve Ryder was concerned about a woman he saw slumped in a car on the side of the road. Contributed

If truckies hadn't stopped, she most likely would have died

THE actions of two truck drivers who saved the life of a woman found slumped in her car have been praised by the woman's mother, who declared: "They gave me my daughter back."

The mother, Jane Smith (not her real name, as she did not wish to be identified), told Big Rigs that if the drivers had not noticed her daughter's car by the side of the road and checked to see if she was all right, her daughter "most likely would have died".

South Australian truck driver Steve Ryder first noticed the car parked on the side of the road on the Victorian and South Australian border while making a delivery last Thursday.

He said the windows were fogged up and he thought someone had pulled over for a sleep.

But when he drove back past the next day and the car was still there, he started to worry.

"As I went past I saw there was a woman in the passenger seat and she was slumped back, staring out into the sky, her eyes rolled into the back of her head," he said.

"I really thought she was dead.

"I picked up the phone to ring the cops but then I saw a mate of mine coming the opposite direction so I asked him to stop and check.

"He'd also seen the car there the day before and I told him to be prepared (for the worst).

"He pulled up and checked and she was still alive so he had a chat with her, she didn't know her name or where she was so he got her out of the car, locked it up and took her to the Yamba Roadhouse.

"They called the ambulance when they got there and they helped her."

When Jane heard that her daughter was safe and what the two truck drivers had done for her, she put the call out on Facebook to try to find them so she could thank them. And thanks to the power of social media, she was able to do just that.

Jane said she spoke to Steve and the girlfriend of his friend, Delson, who was "a bit shy".

"I'm really grateful, she'd been missing for four days before they'd found her," Jane said.

"I just wanted to thank them. They really didn't have to stop and check but they did. I was told it was really cold there, she had no food or fluid, the car had been drained and she'd drained the battery trying to get warm.

"It's not the sort of debt you can repay. I think they're both bloody awesome and they went out of their way to do something they didn't have to. I'll always be grateful for that, they gave me my daughter back. What do you say when something like that happens?

"I believe these guys need recognition for what they did. There's a lot of bad stuff said about truckies and at the end of the day people need to know they're not a--holes, they are like everyone else and they do the hard yards.

"It's a major highway (that they found her on), how many cars would have driven past and not noticed? Thousands."

Steve said it was "pretty scary to see her eyes roll back" and he'd never seenanything like that in hislife.

"I can still picture the image in my head," he said.

"I really did think she was dead. I was relieved, even though I didn't know her, that she wasn't."

Jane said her daughter was being treated in hospital.