'Incredible life story' captured by talented photographer

WE ARE proud to announce that Northern Star photographer Marc Stapelberg has been awarded three honourable mentions in the International Photography Awards this year in the professional category.

One of those mentions was for the portrait of local identity Michael Balderstone which was also a finalist in the Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize.

The same portrait has just been given an honourable mention in the Australian Photography Awards Portrait section for this year.

Stapelberg said he was thrilled to have received the nod as the calibre of photography is extraordinarily high in those awards.

"The IPA awards is a global award of the highest calibre and to be even mentioned is a huge honour when you consider the incredible talent of the winners in each section," he said.

FINALIST 2018: Polite by Marc Stapelberg.
FINALIST 2018: Polite by Marc Stapelberg.

"It is also great to see a local subject matter from our area being included with images from across the world on every conceivable subject matter.

"I was thrilled to portray a more serious side of a colourful, dynamic person who has an incredible life story."

"He founded the Nimbin Museum which was dedicated to telling the story of prohibition and the fight to legalise marijuana in Australia.

"And he has spent 36 years campaigning to see medical cannabis legalised."

Mr Balderstone is the Australian HEMP Party president, the Hemp Embassy president, and founder of the Nimbin Museum, as well as a co-founder of the well known MardiGrass festival.