Internet condemns careless baggage handler

A CARELESS baggage handler at Guangzhou Airport has become the latest to earn internet notoriety after vision of him clumsily throwing boxes onto a conveyor belt was uploaded.

Although YouTube user Mark Bridgman published the video in June last year, the clip has only now caught the attention of influential sites like Reddit.

"Look at this. What a half-witted idiot," Mr Bridgman can be heard saying in the video.

"More land on the ground than are going on the conveyor.

"This is going to be a YouTube video."

Indeed it is.

And commenters have not been impressed with the work ethic on display.

"It looks like he's trying to get fired," one YouTube user wrote.

Mr Bridgman said this was not a once-off event.

"I think I was the only one noticing what was happening outside the window of the plane, and this time I captured it," he wrote in the accompanying description.

"On a previous occasion I saw a load of Japanese sewing machines with 'this way up' and 'fragile, handle with care' stickers over the boxes also being thrown on to the conveyor."

Perhaps aware of the video's potency, Mr Bridgman was sure to spruik his services in the video description: "Need Western help in China for business or product sourcing?" he asked before providing his email address.