TOUGH: Mary Clayton in action.
TOUGH: Mary Clayton in action. John McCutcheon

Is this Coast grandma the fittest 70-year-old ever?

SHE'S a great-grandmother with a workout routine to rival most of us and results to boot.

Mary Clayton, matriarch of the Clayton's Towing team, hadn't competed for 30 years but the body building bug has struck again.

The 70-year-old claimed the 2016 Ms Figure Master for over-60s title at the International Natural Body Building Australia Queensland Titles in late-September.

Hitting the gym five-to-six days a week to fine-tune her figure in the four months prior to the competition, Ms Clayton now has a decision to make.

The Australian titles are in Sydney on October 16 and she has to decide whether to take on the best in the country in her division, having been the only one who registered for the state titles in her field.

Fighting fit and with form on her side - Ms Clayton won the Australian over-35s competition as a 40-year-old three decades ago - she was quietly confident of her chances if she does take up the challenge.


Mary Clayton in action.
TOUGH: Mary Clayton in action. John McCutcheon

So what drives a grandmother-of-three to keep striving for physical excellence at an age where most are happy just to remain mobile.

"I'm just trying to stay young, that's what it's all about," she said.

The Alexandra Headland resident never played much organised sport, but said a healthy diet and active, busy lifestyle with work had kept her in good shape most of her life.

That and the 90-minute, 4.30am-start sessions with weights and machines at Jetts Maroochydore.

"I get a bit bored and I'd been thinking about it (competing again) for a while," she said.

A standard week sees her throwing tin in the gym three days a week, but in competition build-ups it's back up to five or six sessions a week.


Mary Clayton in action.
TOUGH: Mary Clayton in action. John McCutcheon

She's even got a coach in local personal trainer Leon Stensholm, of Body by Leon and Ms Clayton said the key to fitness was consistency and getting it out of the way early.

"If you do something (in the morning) it's done for the day, there's no excuses at the end of the day," Ms Clayton said.

She said the nerves still struck on competition day, but with plenty of family in tow at the state titles last month she'd been able to have "a bit of fun with it this time".

She's a winner, a grandmother and a successful businesswoman, so what else is Ms Clayton looking for?

Well, a bit of love, the friendly fitness fan with a sense of humour is always looking to strike up a conversation with fellow fitness fanatics and said a significant other "would be nice".