Generic dog pic, dog film, puppy, animal, happy, dog, pet.
Generic dog pic, dog film, puppy, animal, happy, dog, pet.

How to keep your furry friend cool in summer

IT IS hot and getting hotter. But while we struggle through the summer months, let's not forget about our pets.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is warning all pet owners that extreme heat can be deadly for furry friends and to take note of how to keep them safe:

  • Never leave an animal in a parked car in warm weather, even for short periods with the windows slightly open. On even a mild 30-degree day, the temperature inside of a car parked in the sun can reach 54 degrees in just minutes.
  • Dogs need their exercise, but in summer, it's best to do that early in the morning. Think about the surfaces they will be treading and try to walk on grass or in the shade. You have shoes; they do not.
  • Make sure they don't pick up any dropped food - it spoils fast in hot weather.
  • Avoid exercising in the heat of the day - some dogs will keep running until they go into heatstroke.
  • Dogs can also get sunburnt, particularly if they are pale in colour or like to bake their tummies. You can use sunscreen, but not the ones with zinc or salicylates as they can be toxic if licked.
  • Indoor animals can also overheat if they like to sleep near a window: make sure there is somewhere shady they can move to. And always make sure there is plenty of cool, fresh water for them to drink.