Cameron Bennett caught two sharks at Evans Head on Thursday.
Cameron Bennett caught two sharks at Evans Head on Thursday. Contributed

'It was scary': fisherman reels in a shark

AN EVANS Head man was surprised to reel in two sharks while fishing at Evans Heads on Thursday.

Cameron Bennett caught and released a shovel nose shark and black tip shark about 300 metres inside the river mouth, using squid as bait.

Mr Bennett estimated the weight of the shovel nose to be 30kg, and the black tip about 15kg.

The black tip had a fresh bite mark on its body from another predator.

The father-of-three photographed the sharks before sending them back into the sea, telling local media the encounter was "scary".

"I was having a drink and all of a sudden the lines started screaming off one of the reels," he told Prime 7 News North Coast.


"Not sure if it happened while I was winding in, and yeh, it was scary.

"Probably once a month I can catch a shark here, but never really big, more than a metre."

Mr Bennett told The Northern Star the shovel nose was a metre-and-a-half in length.

"The shovel nose doesn't have any teeth, it wouldn't have bitten a person.

"But I've never seen a big bite taken out of a black tip before, it had to have been bitten that day.

"The shark that bit it is probably about 2 metres long, and if it's a bull shark that size it would attack a human for sure.

"It's not extraordinary, but it's not normal either.

"If it hadn't had a bite taken out of it I probably wouldn't have even shared the picture."