Moonlight Drive builder and resident John Kasper won praise from his neighbours and community.
Moonlight Drive builder and resident John Kasper won praise from his neighbours and community. Jacob Wilson

John flies to the rescue

FOR John Kasper, the best part about being a superhero is that he now has an excuse to wear his underpants on the outside.

John was nominated as one of 'Debbies heroes' by his neighbour on Jubilee Pocket's Moonlight Drive for not only taking the time to check on every individual person residing at the cul de sac, but for also helping residents recover in the immediate aftermath of the category four cyclone.

Alongside many others, John worked for three and-a-half days to ensure every driveway in the residential area was cleared of debris.

When pressed on his new found hero status, his quirky side quickly came out, revealing he was partial to the attire of superheroes.

"I do consider myself kind of a superhero because I wear my underpants on the outside," he joked.

Neighbour Judi Dunn nominated John as a hero because his genuine caring nature shone through.

"We said we all owe John a beer but I personally think we owe him a carton," she said.

Cyclone Debbie caused roof damage to Judi's place which John, as a builder by trade was able to water-proof with ease.

However John said he wasn't the only hero on the street adding the cyclone brought the whole community together.

"Brett and Tanya from next door and Pete and Tracey helped myself and my wife every day," he said.

"Everyone in our cul de sac came together and helped."

John said while it was distressing to see the extent of damage done to the community he loved, the time had come to re-build.

"It is an emotional roller-coaster, I remember the first morning looking out at my beautiful town and seeing it was smashed," he said.

"Just seeing the gardens which people put years of work into destroyed, its overwhelming when you start thinking about it."

As a builder, he said the most common issues he came across were broken fences and water damaged roofs.