John Lennon's Walk of Fame star defaced ahead of birthday

JOHN Lennon's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been defaced.

The Tinsel Town tribute to the Beatles legend was tagged by a group of people with marker pens yesterday, two days short of what would have been his 73rd birthday.

The tags included a spotted toadstool, a smiley-face, "I love you," and "Blackbird... Rain was here."

"I saw it and just thought, 'What morons did this?' It was just so tacky," tour guide Gillian Lomax told US media.

"Maybe John would have liked it if it said something funny, but it was stupid teenage crap."

Hollywood Walk of Fame worker Ana Martinez said she was seeking security camera footage to catch the vandals.

"We don't mess around," she told the Hollywood Reporter.

"I think Capitol [Records] is looking into seeing if there's any video [of the crime.] They're registered state landmarks. Those are my babies!"

Lennon's star was being scrubbed clean this morning ahead of a ceremony to mark what would have been his birthday.

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