Kanye admires his own handiwork.
Kanye admires his own handiwork.

Kanye’s ridiculous Valentine’s Day stunt

IF you're on the hunt for fresh and exciting ways to make yourself feel really poor, look no further than this video of Kanye West's Valentine's Day gift to wife Kim Kardashian.

Footage Kim posted across her social media today shows none other than legendary smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G in the couple's living room, encased in a prison of roses as he serenades the couple:

He quite literally trapped - one false move and those vases will smash, domino style. Kenny: Blink twice if you need help.

Kanye's seen briefly in the video, flashing the sort of satisfied smile we usually only see from him nowadays when he's explaining why he believes slavery was a choice:

We smell a Kanye / Kenny G collabo coming up.
We smell a Kanye / Kenny G collabo coming up.

We have so many questions:

- How much money did Kenny G get for this?

- Is Kim Kardashian even a Kenny G fan? Indeed, is anyone a Kenny G fan?

- When does Kenny G leave? Is he straight in an Uber once Kim's finished filming, or does he linger, hoping they'll ask him to stay for dinner?

In a video posted to his own social media before the stunt, Kenny appeared to take his duties very seriously: "I'm not screwing around today. Everyone's depending on me to deliver romance, so let's go," he says.

Our one takeaway from all this: If you can afford to imprison Kenny G in your living room to play smooth jazz hits at your whim, you officially have too much money.