Kate Winslet clarifies equal pay stance

KATE Winslet is "entirely committed to empowering women".

The 'Steve Jobs' actress thinks it is important women are "paid the same as men" for doing the same jobs and has vowed to continue to stand up for female rights.

She said: "For my entire career, I've really stood for women's rights and I will always remain entirely committed to empowering women and the right to equal pay is a fundamental part of that.

"Of course women should be paid the same as men. Of course they should. Of course I should."

The 40-year-old actress' comments may come as a surprise as she previously slammed public discussion of salaries as "vulgar", but she insists her comments were "misinterpreted".

She explained to E! News: "When you're talking about specifics of pay that is a line of questioning I really had a hard time with.

"So my remarks were in response to that but only that. Of course we should be paid the same as the boys. We want to stand alongside them."

In October, Jennifer Lawrence slammed the gender gap in Hollywood after it emerged she had been paid less than her male 'American Hustle' co-stars and Kate thinks the 25-year-old star's response was "entirely appropriate".

She added: "It was a very difficult situation for her.

"Hopefully these discussions will continue to support the efforts that are being made all over the world for the right to equal pay in this field and all other industries."