GROWING COLLECTION: Just some of the items left behind on the Sunshine Coast rail line.
GROWING COLLECTION: Just some of the items left behind on the Sunshine Coast rail line. Contributed

Brollies, keys and glass eyes - the things we lose on the train

MAKE sure you always check your belongings before you leave the train.

You could have left behind your keys, your umbrella, your false teeth or your glass eye.

According to Queensland Rail, 1011 lost items have been handed in from the Sunshine Coast line in the past year, meaning almost 10 people a day who have left something behind at the end of their journey.

Some of the more unusual items found on the line included a suitcase full of clothing, a wheelchair and a mountain bike.

Caboolture station had the highest number of items handed in on the line, topping 139, while Nambour station racked up 50 items.

All up last year Queensland Rail processed almost 14,000 items across the South-East Queensland network.

Acting executive general manager of customer service Alison Crosby said the lost property team exhausted every avenue trying to reunite property with its owners, but unfortunately thousands of items were left unclaimed.

"We are often surprised by what people leave behind on trains, and the sheer volume of lost property processed at our Roma Street Lost Property Office," Ms Crosby said. "We urge people to check you have all of your personal items before leaving the train."

Lost items that go unclaimed longer then three months go to Queensland Rail's not-for-profit charity partners.

Last year they donated 10,000 pairs of glasses to the Fred Hollows Foundation and Lions Eyeglass Recycle Centre. If you think you have left something on a train, call 13 16 17 Monday-Friday between 7.30am-5pm.



The most common items left behind on the Sunshine Coast line include

  • Phones
  • Wallets
  • Bags
  • Umbrellas