A dog mauled another dog at a family park after it escaped its yard in May.
A dog mauled another dog at a family park after it escaped its yard in May.

Kids witness horrific dog attack at birthday party

A CHILDREN'S birthday party turned vicious when a rescue dog escaped its yard and mauled another dog, costing its owner more than $4000 in fines.

Owner of the "notorious" dangerous dog, Jason Robertson, failed to keep his Staffordshire Terrier, Borris in his enclosure on May 18 when he escaped their property under a fence and bolted to attack a small dog in a nearby park.

Sunshine Coast Council solicitor Michael Heiner said the "serious incident" left the victim dog with six puncture wounds after Borris attacked it around the neck and shook it violently.

The dog's owner tried to punch and kick Borris but he wouldn't let go.

The victim dog had strayed about 50m from the party when the attack occurred and was unsupervised by its owner.

Mr Heiner said the victim dog owners spent $1586 on vet bills, of which Robertson had paid back about half.

Borris was declared a dangerous dog on January 17, 2017 and known to have "notorious aggression" by council officers.

Mr Heiner said the latest incident showed Robertson's "careless" nature towards his menacing dog.

Robertson pleaded guilty at court on Monday to failing to comply with permit conditions, failing to ensure dog does not attack and failing to ensure the correct collar be worn by the dog.

The Palmwoods man told Nambour Magistrates Court Borris was a rescue dog and was meant to be good with other dogs.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist warned him to take the right precautions or risk losing his pet for good.

Robertson was fined $4000, ordered to pay $500 professional costs and $203.60 filing costs.