BAD CHOICE: A young man’s decision to self-medicate has landed him in Gatton Magistrate’s Court.
BAD CHOICE: A young man’s decision to self-medicate has landed him in Gatton Magistrate’s Court.

Laidley man’s unfamiliar drug stumps magistrate

A DECISION to self-medicate has cost a Laidley man $500, and the loss of his collection of drug paraphernalia.

In February, police attended a Laidley Heights property on an unrelated matter when they came across Jessie Raymond William Edmond's drug shed.

"There was an amount of property damage that police were investigating, and in the course of this they had cause to enter a shed situated off the side of the property," Police Prosecutor Al Windsor told the Gatton Magistrates Court.

"They noticed in clear view a grinder on a lounge, and smelled immediately the smell of cannabis. They spoke with the defendant who freely admitted the room was his, and that he was a user and smoker of cannabis."

Edmond's explained he self-medicated on cannabis for mental health issues, and led officers around the room to a water pipe, metric scales, and four Syquet tablets in addition to the grinder they had spotted.

Magistrate Roger Stark said he was unfamiliar with Syquet, and hadn't heard of it prior to the case.

He was considering drug diversion as a possible sentence, but was unsure if Syquet qualified.

"I'm not sure whether Syquet is a drug that's covered by the drug diversion system. I haven't heard of that drug," he said.

"Nor have I," Sgt Windsor said.

"Quetiapine is the name you may be more familiar with, it's that family of dangerous drugs."

Also sold under the trade name Seroquel, Quetiapine is a prescription medication which helps address chemical imbalances in the brain, and is used to treat varying mental conditions.

As Edmonds did not have a prescription for the tablets, it qualified as a dangerous drug.

Sgt Windsor spent several minutes researching whether the drug was covered by the drug diversion system, ultimately determining it didn't.

Edmonds was fined $500 for the possession of the drugs and utensils, which he referred to SPER, and also had to forfeit the items to police.

A conviction was not recorded.