LOST PROPERTY: Westside Bus Company general manager Mark Thatcher with boxes of lost property left on buses.
LOST PROPERTY: Westside Bus Company general manager Mark Thatcher with boxes of lost property left on buses. David Nielsen

Leaving your smalls on the bus is a big problem

A PINK bra, wallets and bags full of cash and plenty of school bags are just some of the items bus drivers find at the end of their shifts.

In the rush to get to and from work, commuters have left some interesting possessions behind.

Westside Bus company are hoping to reunite the lost possessions with their owners.

Bus Queensland CEO Vernon Alcantra said school items were the most common item left behind on buses, but other more valuable items had been forgotten.

"One of our customers once used a walking frame to get on the bus, but surprisingly forgot to take it with them when they got off," he said.

"Another forgetful passenger would have been disappointed when they realised they had left a brand new electric wok on the bus that was still in its box - hopefully they didn't need it to cook dinner that night.

"As soon as our drivers deliver lost property to our depot, we tag it, record as many details as possible, and then store it for four months awaiting its owner.

"If lost property is not claimed, we destroy items that include personal identification, we donate cash to charity, we return items to schools and we recycle mobile phones."

TransLink Deputy Director-General Matt Longland encouraged parents to remind school children to check for their belongings before getting off public transport.

"Replacing lost school items can be costly, so reminding school children to check for their jumpers, hats and bags when getting off the bus can save you money in the long run," he said.

"While students are the main culprits for forgetting their bits and pieces, adults travelling across the network are also guilty of leaving items behind.

"Next time you are engrossed in a good book, engaged in writing an email or busy chatting with friends, stop for a few moments before arriving at your destination and check you have everything you started with."

If you think you have left something on a Westside Bus Co service, email customers@busqld.com.au or call (07) 3288 1333 during business hours.