LETTER: No fact in alleged secrecy of new CSG chemical

THE article of 11 April 2016 entitled, 'Secrecy surrounds new CSG chemical', refers to a supposed 'secretive' chemical called "Duratone HT" and a secret assessment process.

INVESTIGATION: Secrecy surrounds new CSG chemical

Rather than being a conspiracy, the assessment is a standard process for all industrial chemicals conducted by the Federal Government. In fact, you can easily find the assessment on the government website.

The full information on a chemical is provided to the regulator, who may decide that some information is confidential - if the applicant can make a reasoned argument. Again, this is standard practice for all industrial chemicals.

Missing from the article was the fact that the government concluded that Duratone HT does not pose an unreasonable health or environmental risk.

Crystalline silica, described in the article as a "hazardous chemical", is more commonly referred to as "sand" as found on beaches up and down the Australian coast.

Chris Lamont, APPEA Director Eastern Australia

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association is the peak national body representing Australia's oil and gas exploration and production industry.