All four Whitsunday Brahmans' coaches have signed for the 2020 season, including A-grade coach Tye Ingebrigtsen.
All four Whitsunday Brahmans' coaches have signed for the 2020 season, including A-grade coach Tye Ingebrigtsen. Bryce Fraser

Locked and loaded to continue winner's high

SECURING the 2019 premiership has set the pace for next season's Whitsunday Brahmans with all four coaches signing on for anther year.

A-grade coach Tye Ingebrigtsen, led the way by opting in June to continue in the role next season.

Now, the other three coaches Reserves' Matthew Court and Under 19 co-coaches Trever Nosworthy and Shane Knight, have all decided to stay for the 2020 season.

A former Intrust Super Cup player, Ingebrigtsen has had a positive impact on the Brahmans club culture, raising the bar for player's skill level and uniting the team.

Club manager Bryce Fraser said after wrapping up a prosperous 2019 season just weeks ago, the club was already positioning itself for success in 2020, despite saying goodbye to several premiership players.

"To have all our coaches already signed on for next year, we've got a head start on next year and now we can just focus on the players," he said.

"One good thing about having Tye sign on so early is that he's already been able to plan for our 2020 season. He's already talking to players.

"We know we are going to be losing a lot of premiership players - either they're retiring, moving away or taking time off football so now that's our focus.

"Tye has a bit of a job ahead of him but at least he's got the time now to plan."

With time on their side and a lucrative reputation, Fraser said he wasn't concerned about the Brahmans' ability to attract a strong players roster.

"With our success in the past five years, people have taken notice of us when looking to move to a new club," Fraser said.

"People can see we are competitive against the bigger clubs.

"We can't offer them the big dollars, but we can offer them the lifestyle and a family orientated club which in the past has proved to be quite a drawing card - they come, and they never leave."

With next season's coaches signed and plans for securing new players on the drawing table, Fraser said the club was aiming to continue and build on the success achieved this year.

"The ideal is to get all the grades into the finals and hopefully get a women's team again, but the women's will be based on numbers and we can definitely see the interest there growing," Fraser said.