Cannabis seeds were found in a Lockyer Waters shed (file image).
Cannabis seeds were found in a Lockyer Waters shed (file image).

Lockyer cops uncover massive drug stash in random search

POLICE have found about 140 cannabis seeds in a Lockyer Waters shed after originally attending the address for another matter.

Cops fronted Nicholas Andrew Samojenko's property on June 18 and noticed the south side of the shed was wide open.

Upon inspecting the shed, they found a room that had about 140 cannabis seeds.

Samojenko, 35, appeared in Gatton Magistrates Court on September 13, with four charges.

He had one count of possessing cannabis, one for possessing meth and one for possessing utensils.

Charges for possessing lights and a heater were dismissed when the prosecution offered no evidence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Al Windsor said a clip seal bag containing one gram of meth was also found at the property, plus a water pipe make out of a drink bottle.

He said police also found seven glass smoking pipes and digital scales.

Samojenko was represented in court by duty lawyer James Ryan, who said his client was on income insurance for anxiety and depression.

"He had walked to the shed to get some fuel - a mate had run out of fuel down the road," Mr Ryan said.

It was revealed Samojenko attended court in April last year for possessing drugs.

Magistrate Peter Saggers told Samojenko that spoking pot and ice wasn't the best medication for treating anxiety and depression.

"You've got to make your own choices about that," he said.

Samojenko was convicted and fined $750, which was referred to SPER.

A conviction was recorded.