Capital works funding across Mackay region schools.
Capital works funding across Mackay region schools.

Mackay schools: Funding v capital works, what schools get

ONE Mackay and Whitsunday school received more than $52.8 million in state and federal government money in three years - giving it the highest funding in the region.

The massive amount of money some schools have received from governments can be revealed after an independent compilation of figures from the MySchool website.

Mackay North State High School, in North Mackay, received more money from government coffers than any other school in the region - $52.8m over the three most recently available years.

Mackay State High School, had the second highest amount of state and federal government funding - $42.2m, while Proserpine State High School was the third highest, receiving $42.2m over the three-year period.

The figures reveal exactly how much money every school has received from government funding over the 2015, 2016 and 2017 calendar years and how much money has been spent on capital projects over the 2015, 2016 and 2017 financial years.

Hayman Island State School in the Whitsundays received the most government funding per student of any school in the Mackay and Whitsunday region.

The school, which had six students in 2017, received $52,708 for each child.

St Lawrence State School received $51,558 for each of its six students in 2017, the region's second highest funding per student.

Over 2015, 2016 and 2017 financial years, Mirani State High School spent $8.3m on capital expenditure, more than any other school in the region.

Over that same period Mercy College spent $7.9m on capital expenditure, the second highest, and Mackay Northern Beaches State High School spent $6.1m, the third highest.

Education Minister Grace Grace said the State Budget included a record $13.8 billion for education, which was an increase of $800 million from the previous year.

"The My Schools data is a simple snapshot of a school's reported income. It includes funding from all sources. Comparing schools using this data alone is like comparing apples and oranges," Ms Grace said.

"No two schools are alike. Schools reflect their community and the total funding provided to individual schools reflects a range factors."



Region's most funded schools

Mackay North State High: $52.8m

Mackay State High: $42.2m

Proserpine State High: $39.8m

Mercy College: $35m

Mirani State High: $33.9m

Holy Spirit College: $32.8m

Eimeo Road State: $31.4m

Sarina State High: $29.9m

Bowen State High: $29.3m

Pioneer State High: $29.2m


Region's least funded schools

Hayman Island State: $963,227

Oakenden State: $1.1m

North Eton State: $1.1m

St Lawrence State: $1.1m

Pinnacle State: $1.2m

Valkyrie State: $1.3m

Coppabella State: $1.4m

Gargett State: $1.4m

Pindi Pindi State: $1.4m

Farleigh State: $1.5m


Region's schools with the highest capital expenditure

Mirani State High: $8.3m

Mercy College: $7.9m

Mackay Northern Beaches State High: $6.1m

St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary: $5.2m

Cannonvale State: 4.9m

Holy Spirit College: $4.4m

Proserpine State High: $4.3m

Moranbah State: $3.3m

St Catherine's Catholic College, Whitsundays: $3m

Moranbah State High: $2m