Car dealership sales consultant Meg Coad behind the wheel of the region's most popular car brand, Toyota.
Car dealership sales consultant Meg Coad behind the wheel of the region's most popular car brand, Toyota. Zizi Averill

Mackay's top 10 favourite car brands

AUSTRALIAN designed cars are being pushed off the street, as data released by Transport and Main Roads show Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday drivers prefer Japanese made cars.

More than a quarter of the almost 142,000 cars registered in the region by July 3, 2019 were Toyotas, making the brand the most popular in the Greater Mackay region.

Across the region there are 39,341 Toyotas registered - more than double its closest rival, Holden. Coming in as the second most popular car, there were 18,421 Holdens registered in the region.

Mackay Toyota sales consultant Meg Coad said she was not at all surprised to hear Toyota was the most popular type of car.

Ms Coad said the Mackay dealership had been selling to the region for 41 years.

She said in 1978 the dealership opened its doors to a regional market dominated by Ford and Holden, but over time the international brand had "held strong here in North Queensland and obviously in Mackay".

"The car brand is so well known and loved," she said.

Ms Coad said she often looked after customers searching for their second or third Toyota upgrade.

"It's the reliability and loyalty that holds the customers," she said.

But it's the renewed energy of the mining sector that has resulted in plenty of cars driving out of the showroom, Ms Coad said.

"People are trading in their cars quicker. They're upgrading quicker," she said.

"It's just due to the mines."

Ms Coad said even compared to the past financial year, the Toyota sales had grown, as confident consumers looked to upgrade their wheels.

The demand for new cars means for every 10 cars on the road, three would have been manufactured in the past five years, according to the TMR data.


It's an exciting time for Ms Coad.

"I love delivering cars to customers. Not everyone can afford a new car, so it's a really big deal when you get a new car," she said.

In the Mackay-Whitsunday-Isaac market, 10 car brands make up 89 per cent of all cars.

In the region, 126,590 drivers are behind the wheel of either a Toyota, Holden, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Honda, Subaru, Isuzu.

The data showed, when the region's drivers were shopping for cars, they preferred Japanese.

Japanese brands made up seven of the top 10 most popular cars in the Greater Mackay region.

Only the Holden, Ford and South Korea's Hyundai also made the cut.

Spray painting and panel beating apprentice at Fleet Image Mackay Aaron Surian, 18, is one of 15,018 Ford drivers in the region.

He joked his shockwave blue BF Falcon is a slight source of controversy in his house.

"Mum's always been a Holden girl. Dad has always had Fords in his life. I guess Dad won because I drive a Ford," he said.

Mackay's top 10 car brands

1. Toyota - 25,277

2. Holden - 12,445

3. Nissan - 10,416

4. Ford - 10,400

5. Mitsubishi - 7888

6. Mazda- 7825

7. Hyundai - 5874

8. Honda - 2898

9. Subaru - 2527

10. Isuzu - 2082

Top 10 car brands in the Whitsundays

1. Toyota - 7730

2. Holden - 4047

3. Nissan - 3033

4. Ford - 2911

5. Mazda - 2160

6. Mitsubishi - 1854

7. Hyundai - 984

8. Subaru - 680

9. Suzuki - 585

10. Honda - 476

Isaac's top 10 car brands

1. Toyota - 6334

2. Holden - 1929

3. Ford - 1707

4. Nissan - 1459

5. Mitsubishi - 1053

6. Mazda - 854

7. Hyundai - 630

8. Isuzu - 327

9. Volkswagen - 237

10. Subaru - 226