‘Rigged’: MAFS fans spot huge plot hole


It's been suspected the shocking "affair" on Married At First Sight might not be authentic - and after last night's episode, fans believe they've stumbled on the plot hole that may prove it.

Ines Basic and Sam Ball embarked on a sneaky tryst last week - with their partners Bronson Norrish and Elizabeth Sobinoff none the wiser, bar some whispered rumours of a sauna hook-up.


Bronson was apparently shocked to hear the truth about Ines’ affair.
Bronson was apparently shocked to hear the truth about Ines’ affair.

So when Sam confessed to the affair in front of everyone during the commitment ceremony, Bronson was apparently blindsided. Which made it all the much stranger that - despite earlier raving about the improvement in his relationship with Ines - he had written "Leave" on his form, which he flashed after the bombshell was revealed.


He’d already made up his mind.
He’d already made up his mind.

As one Twitter user wrote: "Bronson thought, until he was blindsided tonight, that everything was going great with (Ines). Yet he wrote leave? So rigged."


It comes as Ines - who has reportedly cut herself off from family and is living like a "recluse" amid heavy backlash from the show - spoke to 9 Honey about being rejected by Sam in front of everyone at the ceremony.

According to Ines, 28, despite gushing over Sam on screen, she had a gut feeling their secret relationship was about to go pear-shaped.

"I had my own concerns," the legal assistant said. "Every time we spoke about it, there was just, something felt off about it. It was just this feeling in my stomach and my body would tense up.

"So as much as I did want to continue the experiment (with Sam), I also was like, 'I don't want to do it unless you're fully committed to this and you can see yourself with me outside of the experiment'. It's a huge risk to take, so I wanted to make sure he was fully committed. But just the times that we did speak about it, I just had this feeling. I was like, 'No, not sold'. And I never go against my instincts. They've never failed me. Ever."

Ines added Sam would say one thing to her but then behave differently.

"He would say things but he'd do something else, like his words never matched his actions," she explained. "And then when I'd call him out on it, he'd blame me as if I was the problem. I know I'm not perfect, and I can be highly reactive and emotional, so I'm not blaming him for everything. But yeah, there was just a lot of things that just didn't add up to me with him."

Married At First Sight continues at 7.30pm tonight on Nine.