ON TOUR: Founding bass player of the Sex Pistols, Glen Matlock will be in Airlie Beach in November.
ON TOUR: Founding bass player of the Sex Pistols, Glen Matlock will be in Airlie Beach in November.

Man behind the music of punk rock legends

HE WAS there in 1975 at the forming of the most influential band of the 20th century.

He was there, before Sid Vicious, as the founding bassist of the band who created a legacy which history can never forget.

The band was the Sex Pistols and the man coming to the Whitsundays with the Airlie Beach Festival on Music in November is Glen Matlock.

A school of art student in 1975, Matlock fell in with the boys of the Sex Pistols while working in Sex, a store run by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.

When Matlock comes to the Whitsundays for the Airlie Beach festival it will be as a former member of the Sex Pistols but also as a muso who has worked with Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunder and the Heartbreakers, Mick Ronson and his all-time-favourite band The Faces.

The man behind the punk legend the establishment loved to hate, has song credits including Anarchy in the UK, God Save the Queen and Pretty Vacant.

But what would be included in the set list at Airlieis anyone's guess.

"I am not going to tell you everything I am going to play as there is no surprise. They are going to have to come down and find out,” he said.

"I will do songs that I have written for a lot of different artists including the Pistols. It has a heavy punk influence but it's me as a song writer.

"There will be something for everybody but it is a punk kind of thing.”

Matlock said the Sex Pistols were doing something that had never been done before in the mid 1970s.

"When we came along everybody was looking for something different, because people were looking for something different they realised as soon as they heard us that we were what they were looking for,” he said.

Matlock said he wasn't sure if time allowed for a Whitehaven Holiday in the Sun while in Airlie Beach but he did say swimming "trunks” are coming on a Whitsunday tour.


  • WHAT: Glen Matlock
  • WHERE: Airlie Beach Festival of Music
  • WHEN: November 10-12
  • COST: Three day passes $260, one day pass $130
  • TICKETS: 0408 062 816