Two unlicensed driver faced Proserpine Magistrates Court this week.
Two unlicensed driver faced Proserpine Magistrates Court this week. serggn

Man caught driving after licence expired nine years ago

A MAGISTRATE has questioned why a man caught driving on a licence that expired nine years ago did not have a licence now.

Michael Leslie James, of Cannonvale, pleaded guilty in Proserpine Magistrates Court this week to driving without a licence.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Sarah Rowe told the court police pulled James over for a breath test in Taylor St, Proserpine, at 7.50pm on September 2.

Sen-Constable Rowe told the court James initially told police "he did not have his licence with him”, however checks showed that his Victorian driver's licence expired in 2010.

Representing James, solicitor Ali Ladd said her client had not intended to drive that night, but had become sick while at a friend's house and "needed to get home”.

While fining James $300, Magistrate James Morton questioned how he did not have a licence.

"Why do we have a 39-year-old without a driver's licence? That's the burning question,” he said.

"If you want to drive a vehicle, go and get yourself a licence.

James was one of two drivers to face court for driving without a licence this week.

Leigh Anthony Maskell, 36, of Eppalock in Victoria, pleaded guilty to driving without a licence as it was disqualified by a court order.

Sen-Constable Rowe told the court police caught Maskell driving without a licence on the Bruce Highway at Kunwarara, near Rockhampton, on August 5.

The court heard Maskell had lost his licence for six months for drink driving - with the disqualification period from April 14 to October 14.

He told police at the time he thought his disqualification period had ended.

"I thought it was back-dated to when I got done in February,” he said.

In fining Maskell $750 and disqualifying his licence for two years Magistrate James Morton told Maskell he would have been told by the magistrate in April that his disqualification started that day.