A man was fined after a string of offences, which included two petrol drive-offs.
A man was fined after a string of offences, which included two petrol drive-offs. FILE

Man fined after two petrol drive-offs

A MAN who faced court on a plethora of charges, including two for stealing petrol, one for carrying bolt cutters and several driving related ones, has been fined $4450.

Jackson Martin Webber, 31, of Gregory River, appeared in custody in Proserpine Magistrates Court on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing and single charges of possessing an instrument of house-breaking at night, operating a vehicle during a number plate confiscation period, removing a number plate confiscation notice, driving on a licence which had been demerit point suspended, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving an uninsured vehicle, possessing a knife in public and contravention of a probation order.

He was also re-sentenced on two charges of possessing dangerous drugs, and single ones of possessing a pipe or utensil and possessing anything used in the commission of a crime, that he previously received a probation order for.

Prosecutor Robert Beamish said Webber drove off without paying for $50.13 worth of petrol at Barrier Reef Roadhouse in Bowen on December 17 last year.

He also did not pay for $62.11 worth of petrol at the Caltex in Bororen on December 6, Mr Beamish said.

The court also heard how Webber was stopped by police at 4.40am on February 17 in Shute Harbour Rd, Airlie Beach, driving a van that was on a 90-day confiscation of its number plates.

A set of bolt-cutters that police believed could be used for house break-ins was sitting on the passenger seat and Webber also had a pocket knife attached to the waistband of his shorts, Mr Beamish said.

Webber's driver's licence had also been suspended for loss of demerit points, the vehicle registration was expired and the vehicle uninsured and a number plate confiscation notice had been taken off the front window, Mr Beamish said.

The offences were also in breach of a probation order Webber was already on.

Webber's solicitor Danny Yarrow said his client had broken his arm in a workplace accident last August and it had been in a cast for eight months. He had been unable to get Centrelink payments in this time.

"He was out of funds. He needed to get around and simply had no fuel in the car,” Mr Yarrow said of the two petrol thefts.

As for the February 7 offences, Mr Yarrow said they arose because the van had been left on the side of the road after the number plates were confiscated and Webber did not want to leave it there and was driving it to a friend's place to store it.

Webber was fined $600 for each of the two petrol stealing offences and ordered to pay $50.13 in restitution to the Bowen service station and $62.11 to the Bororen one.

He was also fined $750 for having the bolt cutters, $500 for possessing the knife, $300 for driving on confiscated number plates, $300 for removing the confiscation notice, $800 for driving unlicensed, $300 for the unregistered vehicle, $300 for the uninsured vehicle and $300 for the breach of probation.

Webber's probation was also cancelled and he was re-sentenced on the four previous charges - being fined a total of $1000 for the three drug-related charges and possessing anything used in the commission of a crime.

His driver's licence was also disqualified for six months for the unlicensed driving.