Police found more than they bargained for.
Police found more than they bargained for.

Crook hides meth in his bum and stolen ring in his jocks

A ROCKVILLE man subjected to a police pat-down search was found with a stolen diamond ring and morphine in his underpants and 33g of methylamphetamine in his bum.

When police descended on the Arrowfield St home of Kepler Dennis Hood on May 15, last year, someone was heard to yell "Guys, the police are here", Toowoomba Supreme Court heard.

Police found Hood, 36, in bed, readjusting his underwear and was told to drop his undies.

Inside his underwear police found a stolen gold diamond ring and 10 strips of a morphine-based drug, Crown prosecutor Mark Green said.

Told to turn around and lean forward, police then found Hood had a clip seal bag of drug in his buttocks, he said.

Hood had then jumped forward trying to rip the bag from police and a scuffle ensued.

A further search of the room found a second ring which had been stolen in a burglary two days prior along with the ring in his undies.

Hood claimed someone had given him the rings.

Taken to the watch house, Hood was found with further drugs which he said he had grasped between his toes when arrested.

Mr Green said the total 33g of meth was found to have a purity of 75% which Hood said was for his own personal use.
At the time Hood had been on parole and subject to a suspended jail sentence.

He pleaded guilty to possessing meth above the 2g schedule, obstructing police and possessing smaller amounts of other drugs.

Hood had amassed 16 pages of criminal history which included previous stints in jail, the court heard.

Justice Peter Applegarth noted Hood had only been given the suspended jail term two months before and sentenced him to a total five and a half years in jail but ordered he be eligible to apply for release on parole as of October 27, next year.