Man rescued after spending Christmas night on Jetski

A MAN is recovering after spending Christmas night floating on a jet ski on a NSW lake.

The Albury man almost came to grief on Christmas Day when his craft broke down.

The 28-year-old was reported missing late on Thursday but was found alive early on Friday on Lake Hume on the Victoria-New South Wales border.

Acting Sergeant Matt Henderson of Victoria Water Police said the man would recover from his long night on the water.

"Overnight this guy has been floating out in the middle of Lake Hume off Kookaburra Point, he stayed with his ski and as a result he was spotted by searchers this morning and collected," A/Sgt Henderson told the ABC.

"It was obviously very easy once the sun came up to see this chap sitting on his jet ski, and that just made it so quick and easy to find him and get him warm again."