Man attacked girlfriend as she cradled baby


A SUSAN RIVER man has been sentenced for attacking his girlfriend while she was holding their eight-month-old son.

Hervey Bay Magistrates Court heard how on July 1, the 30-year-old man grabbed his partner around the throat and punched her in the face multiple time while she cradled the infant.

She then placed the baby down and fought the man off before leaving the room and calling for someone else in the home to call the police.

When she returned to the room to check on the baby, the man grabbed her by the throat again.

Police arrived they took picture of the injuries around the woman's neck.

The court heard that prior to the incident, the woman accused the man of cheating on her and taking drugs.

This was not the first time the man contravened a domestic violence order.

During a past relationship in 2018, he broke a no-contact order twice.

The man's defence lawyer said since the incident on July 1 the pair had continued to live together and co-parent without further issues.

He said they both reviewed professional support to address personal issues in recent months.

The man pleaded guilty to the breach of a domestic violence order.

During sentencing remarks Acting Hervey Bay Magistrate Trinity McGarvie told the man "an accusation or argument beforehand does not excuse your decision to apply force to her neck".

"Domestic violence is insidious and prevalent and the court must impose sentences that bring home to defendants and the general community that these matters are treated seriously by the court," she said.

"That domestic violence orders have weight and they do provide protection to the victims."

The man was sentenced to 15 months in jail with immediate parole.