A man threw a punch at a security guard while out in Airlie Beach.
A man threw a punch at a security guard while out in Airlie Beach. PETER CARRUTHERS

Man throws punch at security guard

A MAN with a history of anger problems "threw a punch” at a security guard at an Airlie Beach bar after being kicked out of the venue.

Brendan Jake Langan, 20, pleaded guilty in Proserpine Magistrates Court to committing a public nuisance in the vicinity of a licenced premises and possessing a used pipe.

The court heard Langan threw a punch at a security guard but missed the guard's face after being kicked out of Beaches Bar and Grill in Airlie Beach on May 19 at 11.47pm.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors said he then walked away before he turned back and started swearing at the security guard.

Solicitor Sean Gibbs told the court that Langan was provoked by the guard before he took a swing at him.

"There is family history between (Langan) and the security guard,” he said.

"The guard was making threats about (Langan's) family and calling them scum.”

The court also heard Langan entered a taxi and was seen by the driver carrying a black rolled-up shirt with a used pipe hidden inside it on May 17 at 12.45am.

Sgt Myors said when the taxi pulled up at an address in Cannonvale, police were there attending a different matter. Langan then got out of the taxi, leaving his pipe behind.

The taxi driver later saw the wrapped-up pipe left in his car and took the items to the Whitsunday Police Station.

Magistrate James Morton told the court Langan, who was on parole at the time of both offences, had a criminal history stemming from anger problems and violence, including an 18-month suspended sentence for choking and a previous conviction for possessing drug utensils.

"I don't think I've seen the last of you - you're young and stupid and you have anger problems,” Mr Morton said.

"You only act out when you're full of drink. You don't seem to be a person going anywhere in a hurry.”

Langan was fined $300 for possessing a pipe and sentenced to two months behind bars. He was also banned from the Airlie Beach Safe Night Precinct until August 4, 2020, for committing a public nuisance.