UPDATE: A man trapped for nearly an hour in his overturned Nissan Patrol has been freed with barely a hair out of place.

Pictures from the scene show an elderly man walked from the crash vehicle and place on a stretcher.

The driver, who had told first responders he was unhurt, was taken to hospital for precautionary observations.

EARLIER: A PERSON was left trapped inside their car and another injured after a two-car collision at South Grafton.

It is understood a Ford Falcon and a Nissan Patrol 4WD collided at the corner of Ryan St and Bligh St before 7.30pm on Tuesday. 

A witness to the incident said she heard a loud bang when the collision happened. She said she raced to the 4WD where a man was trapped inside. 

SES and Fire and Rescue personnel opened the rear doors of the vehicle and walked the man out of the overturned car. 

There was extensive damage to the front of the Falcon and damage to the driver's side door of the 4WD. 

The overturned car was lying with its nose across the left lane of Ryan St. The Falcon came to facing into the gutter on the right lane in Bligh St. 

It is understood one person has been taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

A man was trapped for a short time in his car.
A man was trapped for a short time in his car. Tim Howard