Jason Peter Boske's criminal history spans four states.
Jason Peter Boske's criminal history spans four states.

Man with four-state criminal history unfit for probation

A DELIVERY driver with an "unenviable" - and often violent - criminal record spanning four states has been deemed unfit for probation.

Jason Peter Boske faced Brisbane District Court on Thursday where he pleaded guilty to one charge of receiving stolen goods at Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast.

During his sentencing, Judge Julie Dick noted the 40-year-old had a criminal history of offences in Queensland, Tasmania, NSW and South Australia.

Judge Dick said most of the offending was violence related and there were some dishonesty crimes in his record.

Boske's lawyer asked that his client be placed on probation.

Judge Dick said that was not an option for a mature man who had been around the criminal system more than once.

She said Boske already knew not to break the law and that having him in the probation system would be a waste of resources.

"He's a bit old for probation - I am not burdening the probation department (with this case)," Judge Dick said.

"You have an unenviable criminal history that is dotted by assaults."

Judge Dick said Boske had not been before a court for a while and that it "was a shame" to see the Boske Road Transport employee in trouble again.

"This sort of offence is about money so that is what I am going to make your punishment about," she said.

She fined him $1000 and ordered he pay it within three months.  - NewsRegional