Marco Pierre White pictured on MasterChef Australia.
Marco Pierre White pictured on MasterChef Australia. Martin Philbey

Marco Pierre White praises MasterChef's class of 2016

MARCO week starts tonight on MasterChef and the man himself, Marco Pierre White, is full of praise for this year's crop of home cooks.

The acclaimed UK chef is regular guest in the MasterChef kitchen, and said the current Top 23 is the best overall group yet.

"I've got to say they're a very strong bunch," White told APN.

"They are without question the best contestants I've ever worked with.

"Their repertoire is greater; they've got more knowledge, more skills, more tricks and more heart as well; they're good."

The contestants, including six regional Queensland cooks, will face a series of challenges set by White, the youngest-ever chef to win three Michelin stars.

"It's a great learning curve for them. It teaches them to absorb pressure, which is what MasterChef is all about," he said.

"They've been here now for two weeks and they're slowly settling in and starting to find their way around. They're cooking some fabulous food actually. You can see they give it all they've got."

MasterChef Australia continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10.