LIGHTHEARTED: Hayley Marsten brings plenty of cheek to her latest music video.
LIGHTHEARTED: Hayley Marsten brings plenty of cheek to her latest music video. NA

Marsten's new song hits out at haters

HAYLEY Marsten hopes the release of her sassy new single Money Can't Buy Class will attract a new type of listener.

The Brisbane-based musician returned to her hometown - Gladstone in February to film the music video, released today.

The song, written entirely by Marsten, is a cheeky dig at an unnamed girl who met Marsten for the first time and put her down, saying among other things Marsten could never pull off a designer hand bag or fancy things.

The video features Marsten displaying her take on 'designer hand bags' - reusable shopping bags re-labelled as 'Gnocchi' and 'CK - Chicken Kievs' (instead of Calvin Klein).

"It's very much a bit of a piss-take of myself, I'm hoping people who like my music have the same sense of humour I do," Marsten said.

Marsten shot the film over one day with NSW based company The Filmery, thanks to a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund.

'I'm very excited it's finally out," she said.

"I had been working on it it for a long time, since about November last year speaking with the film makers, I knew exactly what I wanted."

In the song, Marsten asks the un-named girl - 'does it take a lot of make-up to do two faces?'

She sings 'you think I'm trashy because I don't spend more than my rent for a tag at the back of my pants.'

I'm not a very good person for confrontation," Marsten said.

"This situation was so high school drama level, this person who wrote about me didn't even know me.

"It was kind of nice to get to say the last word."


Country artist Hayley Marsten has released a new single from her Lone Star EP.
Marsten is on track to produce her debut album.

The video references Taylor Swift who's single Shake It Off, was a dig at 'the haters'.

In one of Swift's clips she sings from a bathtub filled with real diamonds, in Marsten's release, she appears in a bathtub strewn with costume jewellery.

"Taylor Swift is a huge influence of mine and someone I really look up to," Marsten said.

"A lot of her music videos are very clever and have a lot of secret Easter eggs."

Money Can't Buy Class was Marsten's latest release from her EP Lonestar, released in June last year and her fifth music video.

While the music video was released today, the single won't go on sale until Monday.

The former Gladstone girl is working on her debut album and will be touring in August with Arna Georgia.

When asked if she'd make it to Gladstone on the tour she said "I never want to do a tour and not visit my home town".

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