Marvel takes legal action over leak

AFTER the first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron was leaked online Marvel kept calm. They requested a take down, tweeted a joke blaming the villains from the series ("Dammit, Hydra") and uploaded an official HD version hours later.

Don't be fooled however, the suavity of Marvel's PR is being matched by some determined legal action, with the studio successfully obtaining a subpoena against Google to hand over data to identify the leaker.

Marvel are asking for all identifying information about the pseudonymous user "John Gazelle" and their original post of a file on a Google Drive account.

They want all the information they can get to find out the name, address, phone number, IP address and more of the person who leaked the trailer.

The leak was doubly galling for Marvel as it not only forced them to reveal the film early (before they'd set the stage with their full line-up of superhero films going all the way to 2019) but the trailer's premiere was also set to air during an ad break for the series' tie-in TV show Agents of Shield - currently pulling in fairly miserable viewing figures.