Medicare sell-off? Who do we believe on this one?

LABOR'S fear campaign on Medicare underscores why voters are becoming increasingly cynical about the major political parties.

Despite repeated assurances from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten maintains Medicare will be sold off.

Mr Turnbull has guaranteed that there will be no outsourcing of 'any element' of our public healthcare system.

Mr Shorten, in turns, points to plans by the government, since 2014, to consider privatising a whole range of government payments, including Medicare.

The problem is that voters are left with the question: Who do you believe?

Do you believe the Opposition who appeared to have been some extraordinary claims in their attack ads targeting the Coalition?

Or do you believe Mr Turnbull, who seems to use so many words in everything that he says that you are left wondering what he is really saying?

Mr Turnbull has described Labor's ad campaign as  an extraordinary lie, "so audacious it defies belief".

But his comments on reforming Medicare will leave voters with some suspicions.

"We will continue to improve the way in which Medicare interacts, interfaces with its customers, with citizens and patients, is delivered,'' he says, adding: "but it will all be done by Government and within Government.''

So far, Mr Shorten appears to have made his sell to the Australian people more about why they should be worried about the Coalition being returned rather than what Labor is really offering.

It will be interesting to see whether voters on July 2 go for the devil they know, or the devil they don't.