Australia's own Mick Dundee at his Bloomsbury property.
Australia's own Mick Dundee at his Bloomsbury property.

Meet the man that could have inspired Crocodile Dundee

ROB Bredl's crocodile capers are not the stuff of legends - Mr Rob Bredl is the legend.

And if a new Crocodile Dundee film was to be made, Mr Bredl - who runs Bredl's Wild Farm north of Mackay - said, "they can come to our place and film real crocodiles instead of using rubber ones. We have one croc that is five metres."

Would he put his hand up to play the iconic Mick Dundee?

"No, because I've got one hand missing now!" he said, referring to a close call he had with one of his large aquatic reptiles in 2016.

Also known as the 'Barefoot Bushman', Mr Bredl reckons he may have inspired the first Crocodile Dundee film back in 1986 - or was it just a coincidence that in documentaries he made in 1972 and 1978 he also used a "massive big" knife, hunted crocs with indigenous people in the area, and his mate had a black hat?

"We also caught this bloody croc, and my mate was walking up the bank carrying the croc in the same way as when Mick Dundee walked into the pub," Mr Bredl revealed yesterday.

"They may have seen these documentaries and got some ideas because there was so many similarities. It doesn't worry me."


Rob Bredl, or 'The Barefoot Bushman' and Australia's own Mick Dundee reckons the new Crocodile Dundee film should be filmed at his Bloomsbury property.
CROC COUNTRY: Rob Bredl, or 'The Barefoot Bushman', reckons the new Crocodile Dundee film could be filmed at his Bloomsbury property

Mr Bredl was right behind the News Corp campaign #BringBackDundee, which is calling for a remake of the iconic film following a teaser trailer starring Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.

The trailer, played at the Super Bowl in America yesterday, is actually a Tourism Australia campaign, but that hasn't stopped frenzied speculation over the possibility of a new film.

"The first film was a comedy, it was good fun. Maybe next time they could tell the truth about crocs though!," Mr Bredl said.

"Like how they don't actually do a death roll."

Mr Bredl explained that a crocodile has one tonne of pressure per square inch in his jaws.

"So if he bites you across the chest, it's like having 40 tonnes dropped on your chest. You're dead instantly. There's no such thing as a death roll. They use that to break up small animals.

"They also can't run. They're built like a sumo wrestler with tiny legs. No person in Australia has ever been killed on the land by a crocodile."

He said the croc that "nearly" took his hand off two years ago - "I now have minimal movement in my fingers but I can still catch fish" - was a big croc who hadn't bitten him too hard.

"He tore me off at the wrist. Normally we play with the crocs and you close their eyes. I threw him some meat, and he caught the meat and it got stuck in between the teeth, so I bent down to flick it out of his mouth, but I didn't close his eyes.

"And he saw my hand and thought, 'thank you very much'.

"My hand was hanging on by about an inch-and-a half but, because he twisted it, all the arteries were still intact as were the nerves and tendons but it was really chewed to pieces."


Rob Bredl, or 'The Barefoot Bushman' and Australia's own Mick Dundee reckons the new Crocodile Dundee film should be filmed at his Bloomsbury property.
Rob Bredl.

Mr Bredl, who has about 50 crocs including 15 "bigger" ones, cassowaries, koalas and snakes at Bredl's Wild Farm at Bloomsbury, also famously caught 130 crocs which he fenced with a friend in a 20ha lagoon at Edward River in the Gulf of Carpentaria in 1974.

"They could also film there if they wanted!"

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