Wilson Island host Bec and chef Andrew Sheridan.
Wilson Island host Bec and chef Andrew Sheridan.

Meet the newlyweds settling in to Wilson Island life

NEWLYWEDS Andrew and Bec Sheridan say they've landed their dream jobs as Wilson Island's chef and host.

The couple who wed four months ago now call the Southern Great Barrier Reef island home after they relocated from the Northern Territory.

Bec said guests should expect personable, yet relaxed service.

Chef Andrew said with no set menu he could cater to guests' preferences, using native Australian produce.

Before arrival guests are given an "about me" form where they can tell their host and chef their favourite food, music and things to do.

Originally from Adelaide, they said after marrying they wanted to travel the world.

When they applied for the jobs at Wilson Island Andrew said they knew little about the secluded getaway.

"There weren't many pictures around of the place so we just had to go by what (general manager Tony Barradale) told us and when we saw it for ourselves it really just backed up exactly what he was saying," Andrew said.

Bec said there was an incredible amount of work that went into transforming the island.

"It's just incredible, it's something that dreams are made of.

"You walk out here and you see the crystal clear ocean and you see the turtles everywhere and the birds.

"We weren't here at the start so we didn't see what it used to be like but we've heard some stories on how they found it, it was quite eerie because all the furniture was still here and even the table was set, but it was covered with five years of abandonment.

"It's amazing the amount of work that has been put in."