WHAT A SHOT: Marcus Yasso nailed a hole in one in Ayr at the weekend.
WHAT A SHOT: Marcus Yasso nailed a hole in one in Ayr at the weekend. Supplied

Meet the twelve-year-old who nailed a stunning hole in one

A YOUNG golfing talent has managed a feat that many golfers spend their whole life trying to attain - a hole in one.

Bowen rising golf star, Marcus Yasso, obtained the holy grail of golfing moments at the Karrie Webb Junior Masters on Sunday.

Shooting from the men's tee off hole 17 at Ayr Golf Course, the 12-year-old had almost sunk the impressive shot the day before, his dad, Matt said.

"On the first day he got very close so he knew there might have been a chance to get it," Mr Yasso said.

"He didn't change anything when he approached the hole on the Sunday. He just hit it perfectly and it got a great roll and it sunk."

The young golfer, who looks up to the likes of professionals Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler, was 'overwhelmed and shocked'.

"His goal wasn't to get a hole in one, his goal was to get one before his dad. He nailed that one," Mr Yasso said.

"When he got it in the hole he was pretty pumped and he hasn't been able to wipe the smile since."

The hole in one did nothing to stop the momentum of Yasso however, who was able to place fifth overall at the tournament.

With a pool of players ranging from Mackay to Townsville, and players as old as 18 competing, the placing is almost as impressive as the hole in one.

"He has a handicap of 18 and it's just getting better all the time," Yasso's mother, Sue said.

"He's only been playing for around four years, and he plays a lot of sports but golf is the passion.

"He's definitely trying to build up his skills with plans to take on some of the best.

"He'll always have his name up on the wall at the Ayr golf course, and that's something momentous."