Corsair Crescent, Sunrise Beach is home to million-dollar-plus homes, but one has become at the centre of upset among locals.
Corsair Crescent, Sunrise Beach is home to million-dollar-plus homes, but one has become at the centre of upset among locals. Corelogic

Millionaires row erupts over party house from hell

RESIDENTS of Sunrise Beach's Corsair Cres have raised concerns about the effects of short-stay holiday rentals on the peace and quiet of their neighbourhood.

One rental has come under particular scrutiny, with claims that the surrounding houses have been blasted with music and bad behaviour "24/7".

One neighbour has reported finding a young woman staying there on holiday "off her face" wandering around a nearby yard at 9am ning after an all-night party.

That neighbour also claims that there has been a large gathering of young guests sitting out on the street footpath at 4pm drinking and making a racket.

"You feel threatened in your own environment," said one nearby neighbour who does not wish to be named.

"This is a residential street where people live, they've got families, they go to work and come home and then you've got people who come in on holiday and just have no respect for the community whatsoever.

She said the party house holiday guests often arrive on a Friday afternoon at 4pm and "go 24/7 until they go" on the Sunday.

And on one occasion in the afternoon, one upset local elderly resident confronted the partying guests and became involved in a heated exchange which was eventually defused by her husband.

She said the feared the resident, who was at his wits' end from the holiday antics, would have a stroke.

The upset residents have banded together with 31 of them signing a petition presented to Mayor Tony Wellington requesting the council take action against the effect of short-stay holiday rentals on their neighbourhood.

They also want council to "address the adverse consequential impacts on liveability in this residential area".

The woman said she has contacted the house owner who says "just ring the police".

"I'm sure the police have got more things to do than come and babysit bad behaviour.

"When you call the police and when the police eventually do come, they say 'quiet down', which they do.

"But as soon as they (police) go, they start up again."

The neighbour says this is not a tourist stay zone like Hastings St, and residents want a reprieve from cars cluttering the street and the "constant boom, boom, boom of the stereo".

"They're young kids and family in this street and (the holiday guests) fly into this street (in their vehicles)/ That's why I think in this news Noosa Plan they have to look at what the neighbourhood is used for," she said.

"It's particularly unhealthy and I feel very vulnerable, and I'm not the only one."

Another man whose unit faces the house said: "When it's full go, it's bloody ridiculous.

"We're not against Airbnb, we rent our unit out ourselves but permanently. Because we live there in a duplex, we don't want Airbnb.

"But we're not against people renting - it's party houses and they're not hard to identify.

"Next to us are three Airbnb (units) ... we've never had any trouble."

The Noosa News has requested a response from the house's owner.