Kiwi berries can be planted during spring.
Kiwi berries can be planted during spring. Arx0nt

Mini version just as good as bigger fruit

Kiwi berries (actinidia arguta), sometimes called "hardy kiwi", produce hairless mini versions of kiwifruit.

If you cut open a kiwi berry it looks very similar to a kiwifruit, with dark seeds arranged in a circular pattern.

The skin is edible and the berry itself has a taste like kiwi fruit and is packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Kiwi berry plants are vigorous deciduous vines that can grow many metres long, however can be pruned to a manageable size and be trained across a fence or up and over a pergola.

They're suited to temperate zones and will still produce fruit without a pollinating partner.

Potted kiwi berries can be planted during spring and mature plants will produce fruit during late summer and autumn.

To promote healthy vine growth and encourage lots of flowers and berries, feed plants regularly with a potassium enriched complete plant food.