Queensland Police recruits at a graduation ceremony.
Queensland Police recruits at a graduation ceremony.

More police deployed in Toowoomba to deal with COVID-19

POLICE numbers in the Darling Downs will be bolstered in preparation for an increase in COVID-19 cases.

An additional four recruits have been posted to the Toowoomba police station.

Six recruits will be stationed west of Toowoomba with two each at the Kingaroy, Murgon and Charleville stations.

The move comes as the Queensland Police Service fast-tracked the graduation of 83 recruits from the Oxley Police Academy, to reduce staff clustering.

About 750 staff and recruits occupied the state's three academies and training sites.


Queensland Police Service Commissioner Katarina Carroll said fast-tracking the graduation ceremony would immediately increase the number of frontline police officers.

"These decisions have not been taken lightly by the leadership of the Queensland Police Service; however, they achieve two key objectives - they remove a significant number of people out of the academy thus removing some of the risks," she said.

"And it also provides much needed police officers for the front line at a critical time not only for the Police Service but for the people of Queensland."

Commissioner Carroll said the new first Year Constables spent months building a strong foundation to enable them to deliver an excellent level of service as they begin their policing careers.

"I am filled with pride and have confidence in the future of the Service," she said.

"These new recruits will contribute to the service's unrelenting commitment to community safety," Commissioner Carroll said.

The decision comes as the QPS suspended non-essential training, on March 19.

This will result in the reassignment of some roles to frontline services and bring the QPS in line with other jurisdictions that have taking similar precautions to protect their workforce.

These changes are not expected to have any impact on our operational readiness or capacity and the decision has been made to minimise health risks to staff.

The QPS will conduct regular risk assessments and consider health and safety advice to ensure community and officers safety as the COVID-19 situation unfolds.