Another group of Catholic schoolboys has been filmed belting out the same misogynistic chant sung by St Kevin’s College students.
Another group of Catholic schoolboys has been filmed belting out the same misogynistic chant sung by St Kevin’s College students.

More schoolboys filmed in misogynistic chant

The same misogynistic chant sung by St Kevin's College students has again been belted out by different teenagers with footage of the vile words shared widely on social media.

Students from Catherine McAuley College in Bendigo and other schools were filmed on a party bus on their way home from a birthday party on Saturday night.

The footage was originally posted on Snapchat but was later posted to Facebook by a female student who wrote: "How could you possibly think you're so entitled, it's not funny".

Her post attracted hundreds of messages from people who branded the teens "pigs" and "disgusting".

The principal of Catherine McAuley College, Brian Turner, wrote in a letter to parents the school had contacted every student and their parents who could be identified in the footage.

"The College wants to reinforce that the lyrics of this song and any associated culture are disgusting and in no way represent the values of Mercy Education Limited or Catherine McAuley College.

"Our College theme this year is making Mercy our Common Home. This behaviour is not reflective of these values.

"Although students are free to attend events outside school, their behaviour and conduct should reflect the personal values of each individual, and that of their families, schools and the clubs to which they belong.

"Every measure will be taken to work with these students individually and with the wider student body to raise awareness. The Catherine McAuley College Student and Parent Code of Conduct clearly outline that such action is not acceptable in a Mercy School or across the Sandhurst Diocese."

Mr Turner told the Herald Sun the boys would not be suspended or expelled because it happened outside of school hours and they were not in uniform.

"It's a difficult balance," he said.

The boy who featured prominently in the footage was distraught and was not aware they were the same words sung by the infamous St Kevin's College clip, Mr Turner said.

"We are speaking with him and having lots of conversations with our student leaders and Yr 12's about this … We are going to take it on the chin, and be transparent - it is real and it happened and we are not going to hide away from it," the principal said.

Such "misogynistic" behaviour had no place in the school and was not part of their culture, he said.

"We don't condone it."

The school's focus was now on supporting students and their wellbeing - including the ones in the video - who were "vulnerable".