Your say: Most don't support death penalty

THE greater majority of our weekly street poll respondents are not in favour of the death penalty, as meted out to the Bali Nine leaders Chan and Sukumaran last week.

But, as always, some had differing views - such as that the ultimate penalty should have been carried out soon after the guilty verdict, rather than after 10 years.

Our people were also mindful of the fact that different countries had different rules, and if people chose to travel there  they needed to abide by those rules.

However, all were pleased that Australia does not use the death penalty as a punishment for any crime.

Here are some of the responses from the people we talked to, asking the question, "Do you agree with capital punishment?":

Dianna Sillastu: It all depends on the crime, like if it's mass murder, then yes.

Lisa Green: No to the death sentence. If they're doing good in rehab keep them alive.

Drew Anderson: I don't agree with it because it's inhumane. There's plenty of other ways to punish someone.

Ian Lyons: I don't believe in it. It's a bit drastic. Sometimes they execute someone and then find out they didn't do the crime.

Jim Mannix: Should have shot them straight away. It was a waste of time. Politicians made a hoo-ha out of it. The Indonesians don't care.

Amanda Ferrett: Don't deserve it. They suffer for years in jail and that's worse.

Donna McConville: I think it has its place in society.

Rick Hunt: I'm for it sometimes, but I think 10 years was too long for Chan and Sukumaran to wait. It's a tricky subject.

Andrew Blowes: If you do the crime you do the time. I think the execution should have been done earlier though.

Riza Boon: When you do something wrong you face the consequences. I think the Bali duo should have been given another chance.

Nick Ellacott: It depends on what people do. They should ot hand it out for much but if it is bad you should get it.

Billy Hunter: It is pretty bad so I am happy we don't have it in Australia.

Do you support the use of the death penalty?

This poll ended on 03 June 2015.

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