A Mackay mother threatened her husband with a knife.
A Mackay mother threatened her husband with a knife.

Mother uses knife in domestic violence attack

A MOTHER of three threatened her husband with a sharp knife, forcing him to pick up a chair for protection. She then lied to police, claiming he attacked her first.

But CCTV footage revealed the 36 year old started the argument, which began in the Mackay CBD and exploded after the couple returned home and she armed herself with the knife.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard she had confronted the man about cheating on her.

At their Mackay home, faced with the armed woman, the man threw a chair at her to defend himself. She threw the weapon at him and then chased him down the street.

The woman, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to an aggravated breach of a domestic violence order and breaching bail twice.

Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan said while the plea showed some remorse, she was not convinced the woman was entirely sorry because she lied to police about what happened.

"To the extent that you went and made a complaint against him that he assaulted you first - that was a lie," Ms Hartigan said.

"CCTV footage that was obtained by police clearly shows that you were the aggressor, that you obtained the knife, that you started this physical incident and he only armed himself with the chair to protect himself."

The court heard this was a major escalation in domestic violence against her husband.

She had already breached the order several times, including sending a photo to her husband insinuating she was going to self harm, which was deemed "manipulative behaviour".

Defence solicitor Rosie Varley said her client had significant mental health issues, which Ms Hartigan said was a main reason why she should not go to jail.

The woman was currently being treated at Mackay Base Hospital's mental health unit.

Prosecutor Robert Beamish said it was a serious offence and pushed for a strong sentence.

The woman was jailed for four months with immediate parole. Convictions were recorded.