Motorist allegedly caught speeding.
Motorist allegedly caught speeding. FILE

Motorist clocked 71km/h over the limit on Bruce Highway

A WEST Mackay man has been slapped with a $1218 fine and lost eight demerit points after allegedly being clocked travelling 71km/h over the speed limit.

Police alleged at 11.14am on May 5, the 43-year-old was stopped by police on the Bruce Highway at Bloomsbury for the speeding offence.

The man, who is alleged to have been the driver, was issued an on the spot fine.

Senior Constable Steve Smith said while the punishment for this alleged offence was high, there could have been far worse outcomes.

"Whether on the highway or a residential street, it is generally acknowledged that roads are very unpredictable places to be,” Snr Con Smith said.

"In emergent situations, bringing your vehicle to a halt as soon as possible can be the difference between survival or not for someone.

"Remember, speeding is a choice.”