Emergency service officers work to free a family from a lift in Sunshine Beach.
Emergency service officers work to free a family from a lift in Sunshine Beach. Darryn Smith

Mum and baby rescued from lift

A NEW mum and her six-month-old baby were trapped in an elevator yesterday as rescuers feverishly worked to release them.

Rebecca Moore said baby Max had overheated "a little" during the ordeal at their Sunshine Beach holiday apartments.

New parents Rebecca and her husband Phil planned to take Max on an outing.

The young Brisbane family is taking a nine-day break on the Coast.

But after the hour-long incident, they plan to take the stairs, rather than the elevator, in the three-storey building in future.

The elevator became stuck yesterday morning between the first and second floor.

The Moores calmly used a mobile to call for help.

"Being stuck in an elevator with a six-week-old bub and no air conditioning was not how we wanted to spend our morning," Mrs Moore admitted.

"Max overheated a little bit, but he was a good boy and slept through most of it."

Mrs Moore said it was an anxious wait to be rescued.

Fire, police and ambulance crews all arrived to the Douglas St unit at 11am, with crews having to break through the garage door to get access to the trapped family

Firefighters then had to manually winch the lift to the basement, before unbolting the steel doors and prying the capsule open.

Noosa Fire Service station officer Brad Kernot said the operation was far from straight-forward.

"The units were locked up pretty good so first of all we have to yell out to the couple for the security code to enable us to get into the garage and access the lift," Mr Kernot said.

"We then hit further hurdles when we got to the lift because usually when you manually lower the lift to the bottom floor, the electronics reset themselves and the doors open.

"In this case that didn't happen," he said.

"We had to manually unbolt the doors to get them out."

It took over an hour for emergency services to pry the doors open and lift the family, one by one, through the gap.

Mrs Moore said the family would be using the stairs for the remainder of the holiday.

"It is certainly a good family story to tell," she said.

"The final days of our holiday almost ended in a disaster.

"We are grateful to emergency services for working so quickly to get us out into fresh air again."