'Mundine knows he won the fight'

DANNY Green extracted sweet revenge by scoring a majority decision victory over Anthony Mundine.

But many pundits and athletes firmly believed the decision was wrong.

In a close 10-round decision before almost 28,000 people at Adelaide Oval, Green was declared the winner with scores of 94-94, 96-94 and 98-90.

As expected, Mundine's corner angrily exploded when the decision was announced.

Champion Australian boxer Barry Michael led the chorus of pundits that said Mundine deserved to win.

"I had 'Choc' winning quite comfortably, to be honest," he said post-fight.

"Danny was hurt badly in the first round - it was a cheap shot, basically and Mundine lost a point for it and Greeny fought back valiantly.

"But sitting here, (Green) wasn't landing clean shots, he was throwing punches that were hitting the shoulder, whereas Mundine was constantly landing with the jab.

"I don't see the decision was correct I'm sorry."

Anthony Mundine after the fight. Photo: DAVID MARIUZ
Anthony Mundine after the fight. Photo: DAVID MARIUZ AAP Image

Paul Kent, a boxing reporter for The Daily Telegraph, agreed.

"Anthony Mundine won that fight, let's be clear about that," Kent said.

"Danny barely landed a clean blow the whole fight. He would go in behind a couple of ineffective jabs, throw a right hand and miss and then grab - that was essentially the fight.

"Then Mundine, after the foul, his whole body language changed. He suddenly got brave and started stalking. He was the one pushing the fight for the rest of the fight.

"Mundine knows he won the fight."

Ring announcer Michael Buffer, who witnessed the fight from close range, said he was "really surprised" by the 98-90 score.

"Without a doubt it was a close fight and maybe could've gone either way, I don't know how other people scored it. But the one score of 98-90 … I don't know what he was looking at," Buffer said.

"It wasn't a pretty fight, but it was a real fight."

Fellow sports athletes and sports reporters were also shocked by the decision.