Falls Festival punters on the third day of the festival in Byron Bay.
Falls Festival punters on the third day of the festival in Byron Bay. Marc Stapelberg

Music festivals consider ban on single use plastic

FALLS and Rabbits Eat Lettuce festivals may ban single-use plastic items in s new plan developed by a number of Australian music festivals in conjunction with Green Music Australia.

A number of Australian music festivals representatives met recently to workshop, develop and implement ideas about camp-ground waste.

Green Music Australia and Music Victoria brought together representatives from Falls Festival, Lost Paradise, Unify Festival, Inner Varnika, Party in the Paddock, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, A Festival Called Panama, Strawberry Fields and Grampians Music Festival to discuss the issue.

The festivals committed to working together, sharing ideas, success stories and lessons learned, with active strategies to change their own practices as well as influence and encourage punters to change their behaviour.

Some of the ideas discussed were:

  • Getting punters to take a 'leave no trace' pledge at ticket purchase;
  • Banning single-use plastic items, like water bottles and cups, from festival grounds;
  • Sharing photo evidence of effective waste disposal with fans to show them that their recyclables/compostables are being dealt with properly, ie. not just dumped in landfill.

Erik Lamar from Rabbits Eat Lettuce, whose NSW version happens at Kippenduff, west of Evans Head, said change is needed regarding this topic.

"A shift in the collective consciousness of today's throw away society is crucial if we wish to ensure a future for this planet," he said.

"Music and art festivals provide the perfect platform to instil this behavioural and attitude change we want to see in the world.

"It is reassuring to see so many festivals from around the country motivated to achieving the same environmental goals. The collaborative approach will accelerate progress in the area.

"With the right intention and thoughtful action anything is possible."